On the Record: Predictions

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918. The SETI Institute will not announce the detection of a signal from an extraterrestrial civilization (that is, a signal that is unambiguously non-natural and does not originate from Earth) within the next 20 years. 20 years
Taurus Londoño

917. From August 25, 2022 to the last trading day of August 2032, Alphabet stock will outperform Fundsmith hedge fund. 10 years
Will S

916. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics will report more than 4,951,360 jobs in the transport and warehousing sector for July 2030. 9 years
Bill Murphy

915. In Australia, rooftop solar and distributed storage will power our cities during heat waves, no longer reliant on the grid during these periods 10 years
Audrey Zibelman

914. In Australia, we’ll have way more distributed energy and different consumption patterns; the whole energy and electricity system will be very different and much closer to people. 10 years
Sumant Sinha

913. Australia will be shipping FutureFeed and it’ll be the world’s most popular way of reducing agricultural emissions, becoming a major export industry for Australia and contribute to world’s climate emissions. 10 years
Larry Marshall

912. By the early 2030s we’ll have an overlaid grid system combing AC and DC to boost interoperability and reliability. 10 years
Claudio Facchin

911. Alan Finkel at the Sydney Energy Forum July 2022 predicted: by 2032 90% of new passenger car sales in the OECD will be electric with an average range of 1000 km or more and there will be at least 40 million tonnes per annum of demand for clean hydrogen. 10 years
Alan Finkel

910. I predict that Canada will be a failed state by 02042. 20 years
Jordan C Lewans

909. In 5 years, a bitcoin will be worth less than $100US. 5 years
Boran A Akin


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