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833. Renewable Energy will comprise at least 50% of the energy in Australia’s National Electricity Market no later than 2030. 11 years
Simon Holmes à Court

832. At least 50% of new car sales in Australia will be electric (EVs) in 2030 or earlier. 11 years
Simon Holmes à Court

828. The first female president of the United States assumes the office by succeession due to circumstances directly caused by a global pandemic. 30 years
Martin S McCormick

827. By 2030, China would expand to become a larger superstate. ? years
Brian T Ongkowijoyo

826. By 2030 us dollor will loose it's value as globally accepted currency and the most powerfull currency in the world. 11 years
bimal sethi

825. By the end of 2025, multiple major media outlets will have argued that the worldwide response to COVID-19 was "the most expensive overreaction in human history" or words to that effect. 6 years
James R Hill

824. If the next president of the USA will be a democrat and/or a female, the US's anual GPD growth, major Wall Street share indices (Dow Jones, NASDAQ comp.) by the end of the term in 2024 will be higher, unemployment rate lower and number of system crisis lower than now. 5 years
Daniel M Wigger

823. The total Australian infected population from the COVID-19 virus will be less than 1% of the population. 2 years
Neeharika Prasad

822. At least 8 out of the 10 years following 2020 will have a global mean teamperature that is going to be higher than the global mean temperature between Jan 1st 2000 and Dec 31th 2009 (+0.59°C relative to 1951-1980 average temperatures 12 years
Dr. Friederich Limbach

821. By the end of 2030, Global Mean Sea Level (GMSL) as measured by the Integrated Multi-Mission Ocean Altimeter Data will rise to 120 mm above January 1, 1993 (2 month average) 11 years
Dr. Friederich Limbach


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