On the Record: Predictions

Discuss these predictions with the predictors themselves. If you decide you disagree, you can challenge a prediction and turn it into Long Bet.

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904. The manufacturing of new internal combustion engine automobiles will be illegal, or there will be a law requiring that their manufacture cease by some specified date in the future everywhere in the US. 32 years
Bay Futures Class

903. Lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) will no longer be a U.S. Federal schedule 1 drug and in 15 states it will be legal for medicinal and/or recreational use. 34 years
Bay Futures Class

902. Humans will not find features of an exoplanet or other object >1 light-year away which, according to a majority of astrobiologists, is convincing evidence of life, intelligence, or technology; nor will we detect any other electromagnetic signal satisfying the same requirement. 22 years
Karl Coryat

901. The Department of Defense will not publicly release unambiguous evidence, recorded from multiple sensors, of objects in Earth's atmosphere exhibiting >20G acceleration, OR >100km/h subsurface travel, OR anti-gravity, OR FTL/nonlocal translation, OR extraterrestrial intelligence. 10 years
Karl Coryat

900. The International Criminal Court will become totally independent of the Security Council and may even gain the ability to override the vetoes of the latter. 11 years
Jason W Galbraith

899. By 2030 Major League Baseball will use computers/technology to call balls and strikes rather than human umpires. 8 years
John Mantia

898. Canada's terrifying state-sponsored euthanasia program as described in The Spectator by Yuan Yi Zhu in the article below will have spread to become policy in at least 4 of the G20 by the end of 2035 as an inevitable consequence of markets viewing people as a resource. 14 years
Charles W D Orme

897. By 2032, decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) and other digitally-constituted organizations will organize more assets and production than traditional, legally-constituted corporations in the United States. 10 years
Joshua Z Tan

896. I predict that, no later than 11:59 PM Mountain Time, 31 December, 2050, the festival known as the Calgary Stampede will have ceased to exist. 29 years
Jordan C Lewans

895. Global climate change will cause the mass displacement or death of over 1 billion people by the beginning of year 02200. 178 years
Brice Fernandes


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