Bet 942

Duration 20 years (02023-02044)

“Within the next 20 years, there will be no agreement to build at least one 1000 MW nuclear reactor within the borders the Republic of Latvia Tuvāko 20 gadu laikā netiks noslēgta vienošanās uzbūvēt Latvijas Republikā vismaz vienu kodolreaktoru ar nominālo jaudu vismaz 1000 MW”

Didzis Veinbergs


Veinbergs's Argument

Building a large nuclear power plant with the currently available technology is a long-term project that requires sizeable investments and provides a significant payoff. Latvia has shown limited willingness and ability to undertake such projects. Nuclear power itself is a viable source of energy for Latvia, and various projects to build a Latvian NPP could be proposed within the next 20 years. They would, however, be subject to heated debate, and Latvia would not be able to reach the social consensus, much less attract the necessary investment and partners to sign an actual agreement. Moreover, a single 1000 MW nuclear reactor would have more capacity than the largest Latvian power plant that’s currently operational. This might raise questions whether Latvia really requires this capacity. It is, however, possible that further advances in technology would permit building smaller and cheaper nuclear power plants. These lie outside the scope of this prediction, as it is ultimately about Latvia’s ability to undertake controversial large-scale projects, not about the development of nuclear technology.

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