About Long Bets

The Long Bets site is

...an arena for competitive, accountable predictions (Long Bets). How Betting Works ยป

...a forum for focused discussion and debate about prediction.

...an attractive tool for philanthropic giving.

...a way to foster better long-term thinking.

The Long Bets Project

Long Bets was started in 02003 as a project of The Long Now Foundation which was founded in 01996 as a 501(c)(3) public education nonprofit foundation, based in California.

Long Bets staff and volunteers:
Kurt Bollacker, Austin Brown, Stuart Candy, Danielle Engelman, Ben Guiterrez, James Home, Ben Keating, Karl Pietri, William Pietri, Alexander Rose, James Welcher & Laura Welcher

Originators of Long Bets:
Stewart Brand, Douglas Carlston, Kevin Kelly & Stafford Matthews

The Long Now Foundation
Fort Mason, Landmark Building A
San Francisco, CA 94123
415 561-6582 - 415 561-6297

Press Inquries

Contact Danielle Engelman at services@longnow.org.


Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of Amazon.com, provided the two grants with which the Long Bets website was built.

Website Credits

James Home & Ben Keating

Ben Guiterrez, Ben Keating, William Pietri & James Welcher

Marianna Leuschel

Stewart Brand & Kevin Kelly

The Farsight Fund

All Long Bets stakes are invested in a special-purpose Endowment portfolio called the Farsight Fund run by Capital Research and Management Company, based in Los Angeles, California.