Adam Cheyer (acheyer)

Adam Cheyer helped start five successful companies: co-founder of Siri (sold to Apple to build the Siri assistant on 2B+ devices), co-founder of Viv Labs (AI sold to Samsung, 400M+ devices), co-founder of Sentient (a pioneering machine learning company), co-founder and CEO of (a new set of AI-enhanced tools to help humanity make better decisions, sold to Airbnb), and founding member of (the world's largest petition platform with more than half a billion members). Adam has authored more than 60 publications and 39 patents. For fun, he enjoys creating magic -- as an award-winning magician, he has performed for world leaders in palaces, for students in stadiums, and for millions on TV and online.

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By 2048 (25 years from now), consumers in the US will not have the option to purchase a fully self-driving car lacking a steering wheel, yet possessing the equivalent transportation capabilities of a standard 2023 sedan.

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Adam Cheyer

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