On the Record: Predictions

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954. Leonard Peltier will be freed from prison, during Donald Trump's second term. 5 years
Joseph L McCord

953. Within ten years - the JWST will find evidence of photosynthezing life on an exoplanet. 10 years
Joseph L McCord

952. Within ten years - at least a significant minority of physicists will conclude that special relativity theory, as it is presently understood, has to be amended. 10 years
Joseph L McCord

951. By 2030, an AI will be able to CEO a startup; marshaling and overseeing other AI and human workers to create revenue. 7 years
Peter Vessenes

950. There will be fewer than three hostile nuclear detonations on US soil within the next 2 years 2 years
Hjalmar Peters

949. Commercially available electricity from nuclear fusion will not be utilized in an electric grid by 2035 as predicted by the Fusion Industry Association. 12 years
Steven B Kurtz

948. Intel (INTC) will have a market cap of $1 trillion USD or more by Feb 27, 2035. 11 years
Micah D Wade

947. Figure + OpenAI will demonstrate their collaborative robot interacting with human natural language commands, capable of executing the verbal commands of the human operator in a natural “un-staged” environment before the end of 2026. 2 years
Babak Rasolzadeh

946. By 2033, adult obesity levels in the United States will be 50% or less of those reported in 2023. 10 years
Brant von Goble

943. Infant mortality will decrease and healthy lifespan increase worldwide by WHO statistics no matter how much climate change occurs between October 2023 and 31 October 2038. 15 years
Karl M Bunday


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