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938. S&P 500 will outperform Bitcoin by the end of 2140 (end of Bitcoin mining) ? years
Edward Y Li

936. "By April 26, 2033, the number of countries reporting outbreaks of Candida auris will have increased by at least 50% compared to the current number of affected countries (as of September 2021), indicating that Candida auris has become an epidemic in multiple regions of the world. 10 years
Ezra R Bleau

935. World peace by October 30, 2150 128 years
Zachary J Waugaman

934. The market share of new electric light duty vehicles (per the US EIA definition) sold in the US will exceed 17% (>17% EV + PHEV market share) by the end of 2030. 8 years
Ryan D McGlothlin

932. It will come to light that the United States Federal Government has control of a significant portion of Bitcoin. They will leverage this Bitcoin holding to erase their National debt. 52 years
Jack Chapman

931. Before Jan 1 2028, a text on the NY Times Bestsellers list will be generated through AI / machine learning process. Authorship may be through a pen-name with non-human authorship revealed after listing is achieved. 5 years
Marshall Hilgemann

930. by 2035 there will be at least one public protest of more than 100 people in a G7 county against the switching off of a machine or software program on the grounds that it is sentient and has a right to live. 12 years
William E Hanbury

928. S&P 500 Total return will beat BRKB. Starting point today: 12/23/2022 Ending point today: 12/23/2027 5 years
dividends20 dividends20

927. Within 20 years electric scooter racing will surpass motorcycle racing in terms of popularity 20 years
Simon Pilepich

925. Poland will synchronize its first nuclear power plant BEFORE Germany exits coal power. ? years
Adam Błażowski


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