Bet 943

Duration 15 years (02023-02038)

“Infant mortality will decrease and healthy lifespan increase worldwide by WHO statistics no matter how much climate change occurs between October 2023 and 31 October 2038.”

Karl M Bunday


Bunday's Argument

Some of the worst-case scenarios for medium-term effects of climate change are very frightening indeed, and anthropogenic global warming must be taken seriously, but despite dire climate trends, so many technological, social, and economic improvements are combining worldwide to reduce infant mortality and increase healthy human lifespan that I am sure that BOTH infant mortality statistics AND healthy lifespan statistics gathered by the WHO will improve in the next fifteen years. We can proceed confidently to prevent and mitigate the worst outcomes of climate change without being consumed by worry for the future of the human race during the predicted lifespan of the Baby Boom.

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