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931. Before Jan 1 2028, a text on the NY Times Bestsellers list will be generated through AI / machine learning process. Authorship may be through a pen-name with non-human authorship revealed after listing is achieved. 5 years
Marshall Hilgemann

928. S&P 500 Total return will beat BRKB. Starting point today: 12/23/2022 Ending point today: 12/23/2027 5 years
dividends20 dividends20

927. Within 20 years electric scooter racing will surpass motorcycle racing in terms of popularity 20 years
Simon Pilepich

925. Poland will synchronize its first nuclear power plant BEFORE Germany exits coal power. ? years
Adam Błażowski

924. Humanity will encounter super intelligent fully cybernetic extraterrestrial species before encountering super intelligent biological species. ? years
Nicholas R Corcoran

922. Sam Bankman-Fried will be charged with a crime for his actions at FTX/Alameda. 2 years
JP Bonner

921. I predict that a space satellite launch company will have the highest market cap out of any publicly traded company by 2040 17 years
Engelo Rumora

920. The NEOM THE LINE building will not be completed as currently envisaged. Fewer than one million people will live in a single building at the foreseen location in 2035. 12 years
Ansgar J Brenninkmeijer

918. The SETI Institute will not announce the detection of a signal from an extraterrestrial civilization (that is, a signal that is unambiguously non-natural and does not originate from Earth) within the next 20 years. 20 years
Taurus Londoño

917. From August 25, 2022 to the last trading day of August 2032, Alphabet stock will outperform Fundsmith hedge fund. 10 years
Will S


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