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Within two years, at least two or more waterbags, connected by the world's strongest zipper into a train, carrying total of at least one and one half million gallons of fresh water, will be successfully towed from Washington State, under the Golden Gate Bridge into San Francisco Bay, and then south to Santa Monica Bay in Los Angeles. In five years there will be at least one hundred waterbags operating in various locations around the world, connected into trains of two waterbags or more, each train delivering an average of at least five milion gallons of water per delivery from loading points to receiving points throughout the world.

2 years

Terry G Spragg


Because the Israelis and the Palestinians are fighting as much over the control of water resources as they are fighting over the control of land, waterbag technology will be given credit for being the major economic tool for implementing an interium economic Peace Agreement between Israel and the Palestinian Authority by the year 2007, as is described in the pages from the novel, WATER, WAR AND PEACE, that is featured on the website: www.waterbag.com.

5 years

Terry G Spragg

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