Bet 176

Duration 5 years (02004-02009)

“Because the Israelis and the Palestinians are fighting as much over the control of water resources as they are fighting over the control of land, waterbag technology will be given credit for being the major economic tool for implementing an interium economic Peace Agreement between Israel and the Palestinian Authority by the year 2007, as is described in the pages from the novel, WATER, WAR AND PEACE, that is featured on the website:”

Terry G Spragg


Spragg's Argument

In a letter to Terry Spragg from Nobel Peace Prize winner and former Israeli Prime Minister, the Honorable Shimon Peres, dated Janury 16, 2004, he states in part,

"Prof. Pohoryles has briefed me relating to
your efforts to solve fully or partially the
critical situation regarding water resources
for the Middle East. The draft of "WATER WAR
AND PEACE" written as a novel is in my view
an original approach to highlight this grave
problem and its solutions, that will pave the
path to a better and more peaceful region.
Your efforts to embark on a demonstration
voyage to enlighten us all, both regarding
the technological viability as well as cost,
will surely contribute to meet this critical

A copy of this letter is available by contacting Terry G. Spragg & Associates.

There is no single man on earth who wants to make this prediction become a reality more than Shimon Peres. Unless, perhaps, it is Terry Spragg and his many associates.

A review of the website:, and the link to the pages from the novel, WATER, WAR AND PEACE, will give further details in support of this prediction. It is hoped that this prediction will contribute to President Bush's "road map" efforts to bring Peace to the Middle East, using water as a tool for Peace.

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