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"Brooke"-The Immortal Lyrics!- You wake up, But it's just a dream again; A vi-si-on... That just never seems to end; Is there any wonder, Well, Brooke is her name; Just what is the meaning- She is l-o-v-e! The room turns, As she enters so Divine; All time stops, As she flows through- Like Cloud Nine! One thinks back to Marilyn, Sophia, Liz and Joan; Yes-Brooke's time has come now- For the throne! Love's awesome... But the Fantasy is real; Don't run now, Let the world know how you feel; I long so to meet Brooke, Yes, Regal there she stands- Fear flies in the face of- Love's command! Copyright 1999 Tyrone Boyd. All Rights Reserved. Grier Hammond Henchy ( Brooke Shields' youngest daughter ) and Tyrone Boyd were born on the same day, April 18th. YouTube has made available the video version of Mr. Boyd's blues song, "It Must Be Voodoo". June 7, 2009 marks the world premiere of Tyrone's acting debut (in the independent film "Second World"). "While composing a lyric, I try to visualize Miles Davis playing the melody on his trumpet, with the Harmon mute attached." Tyrone's advanced treatsie, "Pre-Resistance Theory and its Role in Equities Trading", provides a new strategy for those individuals seeking success in the stock market. "The trading of stocks based on determining levels of short-term resistance, and subsequently buying and selling under that resistance, will revolutionize profit making strategies in the 21st century. "Mr. Boyd's last great copyright, "The Flop-Turn Method of Hold "Em Dominance", is the the first major new winning strategy in Texas Hold "Em since Doyle Brunson's 1978 masterpiece "The Supersystem". Tyrone Boyd (a Business Empowerment Medium since 1962!) is a native of Baltimore, Maryland.

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"Brooke Shields will be be a recipeint of the Kennedy Center Honors for her lifetime contributions to American culture through the performing arts, within the next fifteen years."

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Tyrone Boyd

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Steve Jobs will be nominated for Presdident of the United States, by one of the two major political parties in 2012.

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Tyrone Boyd

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