Bet 244

Duration 6 years (02006-02012)

“Steve Jobs will be nominated for Presdident of the United States, by one of the two major political parties in 2012.”

Tyrone Boyd


Boyd's Argument

Steve Jobs, the CEO of Apple, is the most successful business marketer in American history. Mr. Jobs' creation of and designs for computers and digital music devices are revolutionary. He has been prescient in his "bets" on the direction of popular tastes, and technology's role in satisfying those tastes. Steve is a premiere talent recruiter, who has secured long term loyalty from his associates, and he constantly energizes his surroundings. He also has shown a rare sensitivity to individuals, and inspires them to do their best. A Steve Jobs candidacy would be a rallying point for numerous groups who feel marginalized by society. Jobs' quest for the Presidency would have an historic and wide ranging impact on campaigning, debating, and fundraising, which will result in even more small donors and renewed political interest. Steve Jobs' ubiquitous presence online would create new "instant" forums, where people from all economic levels will come together in an attempt to solve the problems of poverty, disease, climate control, hunger, war, housing and health care. He would attract a willing cadre of the most brilliant, talented, ethical and diverse domestic and foreign policy advisors in history. From Hollywood to Silicon Valley, from NASCAR to Wall Street to Main Street, Steve Jobs will garner attention, respect, money and votes. The 2008 issues are already in play. The "end of the decade" crises in 2010, involving retiring baby boomers and 80 million teenagers, will lead to the dawn of a "draft Jobs" movement. The "Maven of the Macintosh", the Prince of Pixar and the inventor of the I-Pod will come riding to the rescue. He will not disappoint. Steve Jobs is the true "Age of Aquarius" candidate.

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