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Dr. Rothberg invented the technology and initiated projects to sequence the first individual human (Jim Watson), the Neanderthal Genome, and crack the disappearance of the honey bees (CCD). Dr. Rothberg was born in 1963 in New Haven, Connecticut. He earned a B.S. in chemical engineering from Carnegie Mellon University and Ph.D. in biology from Yale University. Dr. Rothberg is the inventor, founding CEO & Chairman of 454 Life Sciences, Ion Torrent Systems, The Rothberg Institute for Childhood Diseases, CuraGen, and the co-founder and Chairman of RainDance Technologies and Clarifi Corporation. Dr. Rothberg is the receipt of The Wall Street Journal's Gold Medal for Innovation, and Nature Method's first Method of the year award for his invention of 454 sequencing, the first next generation sequencing technology, and the first sequencing on a chip. Dr. Rothberg's scientific work has been featured on the covers of Cell, Science, and Nature. Dr. Rothberg has twice been selected as a World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer, is a member of the National Academy of Engineering, The Connecticut Academy of Science and Engineering, and serves on the board of trustees of Carnegie Mellon University.

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Computers will become intelligent within my "lifetime" (or 50 years which ever is longer)

50 years

Jonathan M Rothberg


By 2015 the majority of people who make predictions on this site will have had their genomes sequenced.

7 years

Jonathan M Rothberg


By 2011 a mother will have the entire genome sequence of her unborn child from her own blood.

3 years

Jonathan M Rothberg

Michael e Vassar

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