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RCH #2: By 2030

The Prediction:
The great contest of the 21st century ? the individual vs. society and the state ? will progress much past my 2020 Long Bets Prediction of effective computerized individual citizen profiling, with the full maturation of the nascent, but extremely promising studies of brain, mind and personality as revealed by the many different brain scanning devices now being intensively studied and developed.
These scans - and their related psychologic, psychiatric, and sociologic fields interpreting them and giving them function ? will gain great utility as the ultimate lie detectors. But they will go much beyond the simple lie detector in that they will reveal the workings of the mind in such a way that the mind will be made malleable and reshapable in manners currently thought inconceivable (see my Long Bets Prediction #3).

23 years

Robert C Hiemstra

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