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I seem to have spent most of my life modelling ⵄ trees in my imagination. Some branches keep me alive, some pay my way, the rest feed them like mycelium. On top of that I'm on a Protean mission to persuade people that all the answers to our current problems have already been dealt with by our ancestors, but nobody appears bothered to actually read what they wrote, which is a shame since they wrote it for us, so we wouldn't have to go through the same crud again. Think you'll find the first recorded Troller was a Greek soldier called Thersites...just because it's online doesn't mean it's new.

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Canada's terrifying state-sponsored euthanasia program as described in The Spectator by Yuan Yi Zhu in the article below will have spread to become policy in at least 4 of the G20 by the end of 2035 as an inevitable consequence of markets viewing people as a resource.

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Charles W D Orme

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