Bet 898

Duration 14 years (02022-02035)

“Canada's terrifying state-sponsored euthanasia program as described in The Spectator by Yuan Yi Zhu in the article below will have spread to become policy in at least 4 of the G20 by the end of 2035 as an inevitable consequence of markets viewing people as a resource.”

Charles W D Orme


Orme's Argument The piece by Yuan Yi Zhu makes it clearer than I could, but in essence an (unforeseen?) consequence of giving the individual the right to die is that it then morally frees the State from its Duty of Care, and enables the State to encourage the poor and the vulnerable to euthanise themselves as the value of people is commoditised to zero. Approaching this asymptote, the State finds a loop-hole in the Social Contract. Canada has demonstrated that once the fiscal benefits of killing the poor and weak begin to filter through, the boundaries as to who is eligible to apply for state-sponsored suicide widen considerably,when next year those suffering from mental illness — another disproportionately poor group — become eligible for assisted suicide.

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