Francis Hsu (Franc)

Human history is 5,000 years old. No single or group of persons planned how we got this far. Within 300 years we’ve managed to accelerate our technical capabilities beyond earth’s gravity well. Yet our social capabilities remain primitive by comparison. Many species have vanished involuntarily. Humans should be proud enough not to be the first species to vanish because of our own foolishness. I hope to contribute something to that effort. In this Universe, 5,000 years is barely a blink. If we cannot make it to 10,000 years then humans are more defective than I thought.

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Emulating Achilles: a White Man Will Start World War By 02051 -OR- The Great White Man Theory of History

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Francis Hsu

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Within 1 million years, humanity or its descendants will have colonised the galaxy.

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Gregory Stewart Cooper