Bet 930

Duration 12 years (02023-02035)

“By 2035 there will be at least one public protest of more than 100 people in a G7 county against the switching off of a machine or software program on the grounds that it is sentient and has a right to live.” Detailed Terms »

William E Hanbury


will go to Ocean Cleanup if Hanbury wins,
or Lifeboat Foundation if Brenninkmeijer wins.

Hanbury's Argument

Given the case of Blake Lemoine who was fired from Google for claiming their AI chatbot was sentient and the advances from ChatGPT I think we are close...

Brenninkmeijer's Argument

A great prediction. I am not sure, but will challenge. The protest should not be in jest, like the "Birds aren't real." protests in 2022.

Detailed Terms

Evidence will be either photographic/video evidence, or a news article citing over 100 people at the protest.