Bet 924

Duration ? years (02022-???)

“Humanity will encounter super intelligent fully cybernetic extraterrestrial species before encountering super intelligent biological species.”


Corcoran's Argument

I believe it to be true that over the last few decades humans have began a transition into becoming a fully cybernetic species. The basis for this belief stems from the growing capabilities of modern technology, which slowly results in humans becoming redundant extensions of the technologies they own. As such I believe humans will inevitably fully merge with technology and become a fully cybernetic species. Additionally, I believe the largest and most unavoidable threats to the survival of humanity such as resource limitations, The Sun's death, rogue stars etc. will be solved through multi galactic expansionism by a cybernetic human species. Finally, I believe the technological transition into cybernetic unity that humanity is experiencing is common among other civilizations, thus resulting in super intelligent extraterrestrial encounters to be made with other fully cybernetic species and not super intelligent biological species.

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