Bet 922

Duration 2 years (02022-02025)

“Sam Bankman-Fried will be charged with a crime for his actions at FTX/Alameda.”

JP Bonner


Bonner's Argument

Conspiratorial thinkers claim the mismanagement of crypto exchange FTX and its trading company Alameda is being downplayed by a cabal of Democratic Party aligned politicians and journalists. They ask, "Why is SBF so protected?" They say, "SBF was a major Dem donor, so no investigation." In their eagerness to see conspiracy, they neglect the simpler and more likely hypothesis that the US criminal justice apparatus is ill-equipped to deal with this case overnight, considering the novel elements of cryptocurrency, jurisdictional overlap between the SEC and CFTC, the Bahamanian domiciling of the company, and the various agreements made between the company and elements of the US government. It's been a week. Federal prosecutors don't rush. The wheels of justice still turn - just, especially in this case, slowly.

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