Bet 920

Duration 12 years (02022-02035)

“The NEOM THE LINE building will not be completed as currently envisaged. Fewer than one million people will live in a single building at the foreseen location in 2035.”


Brenninkmeijer's Argument

According to planning the NEOM THE LINE building will be 170 kilometers long, 500 meters high, and 200 meters wide. It seems to be a case of megalomania. The goal is 9 million inhabitants of which 1 million around 2035. It just does not seem feasible or desirable to me. Excerpt from: Question 06: "People will ask how is it possible to build a new city of nine million people from scratch in such a short period of time – that is a huge challenge isn’t it, when you consider that other new-world cities like Singapore took 50 years? We'd like to see close to a million people living on THE LINE in 2030. How do we do that? We've got to build quite a lot of real estate in a short space of time. Well, we're not actually building THE LINE. We're assembling it from a series of modular pieces that are pre-engineered and predetermined as to what they do. So we're using a lot of artificial intelligence to design through a digital twin backbone. For example, we will have one door-lock system. But if we need 100 million of them, then it's easier for us to set up a factory and create exactly the same block 100 million times. We will create a very simple process with optimized, standardized and industrialized production whereby things are made in factories in large-scale volumes within NEOM – so that we don’t have to transport them far. Think of it like a giant assembly kit. The great thing about pre-engineered parts is that you can control quality and you can control dimensions, so that things connect."

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