Bet 92

Duration 18 years (02002-02020)

“By 2020 a completely propellantless (no material particles expelled for propulsion) or "field propulsion-type" aerospace vehicle will land on the Moon.”

jay c dillon


Dillon's Argument

Several promising and/or actually working/functional field propulsion devices already exist but are apparently being ignored by major aerospace manufacturers.

Deep Space 1 and similar vehicles using ion propulsion in outer space are considered quite energy efficient, but these use propellants and have the drawbacks of very poor maneuverability and slow acceleration/deceleration.

Any field propulsion devices that may be under development or investigation by NASA or other agencies seem well hidden from public view. Nevertheless, there is huge interest and much research in this exciting technology area.

Key propulsion technologies, inventions, proposals, and experiments being ignored by the larger science/tech community have been carefully investigated and detailed in articles in James E. Cox's Antigravity News and Spacedrive Technology, among others. Experiments are ongoing by many investigators such as Jean-Louis Naudin of France.

The Henry Wm. Wallace patent of 1971, written under the auspices of General Electric Corporation by a 30+ year veteran electronics engineer and inventor, claimed a new rotor/stator device/method for producing an antigravity or "kinemassic" bubble for aerospacecraft providing inertialess transport without propellants (no G-forces acting on passengers and crew even in abrupt accel/decel/turns).

This revolutionary device/method, which could completely obsolete all existing human transportation methods, was recently verified (proof of principle) by Kedrick Brown in recent experimental lab tests. In the light of this proof of concept work and the background and patent of Henry Wm. Wallace, I have initiated a new patent project to combine the Wallace device and several other new technologies into a new aerospace transportation system to be adapted for small family aircraft, aerospace vehicles for near-Earth orbit applications, deep space exploration vehicles, and mass transit passenger vehicles, all using very inexpensive fuel or fuelless concepts such as Tom Bearden's new "motionless electromagnetic generator" patented in the USA March 2002--in conjunction with Edwin V. Gray's superefficient electromagnetic engine patented 1975 (the Pulsed Capacitor Discharge Electric Engine).

Please see my website at Queries and seed money can be directed to the offices of Reg. Pat. Atty. Michael S. Neustel , project # DILL-001, for full patent writeup and submission. (Patent holders will be Jay Dillon and James Killick.) Contact Jay Dillon at and put ATS DILL-001 in subject heading. (Seed money will be accepted to help cover placing this bet also!) PayPal of Citibank c2it payments can be accepted for this project at my email address Please put ATS DILL-001 in subject heading. Alternatively, money to help cover this bet specifically can be sent to LongBets on my behalf. (I am an underemployed academic book/journal proofreader.) Thank you for reading this.

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