Bet 907

Duration 2 years (02022-02024)

“Within the next 25 years the United States of America will no longer consist of 50 States”

Jeremy P Day


Day's Argument

The cumbersome and constrictive American political system which was designed for a much smaller and privileged electorate in the 18th Century is no longer suited for the 21st Century and its so-called checks and balances to prevent abuse of power is only creating a paralysing effect on the ability to govern and allowing smaller factions to have a disproportionate effect on policies. Coupled with the increased politicisation of the Supreme Court and the increased vitriolic tribalisation of the parties, aggravated by Trump's "Big Lie" is increasing dissatisfaction and distrust with the Country's political and judicial institutions to the point that at least one or more States will feel that it is in their best interests to secede from the Union. (However, I have framed the bet with a face-saver option in case some one is mad enough to become the 51st State of the Union!)

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