Bet 904

Duration 32 years (02022-02054)

“The manufacturing of new internal combustion engine automobiles will be illegal, or there will be a law requiring that their manufacture cease by some specified date in the future everywhere in the US.”

Bay Futures Class


Futures Class's Argument

Over the past few years, electric vehicles have been on the rise while gas cars have been becoming less and less common. We expect this trend to continue, especially given the vulnerability of fuel infrastructure (i.e. having to transport fuel) when compared to electric infrastructure, as well as the environmental effects of gas cars as opposed to electric cars. California has already made plans to get rid of internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles by 2035, and by the current trends, it seems that the rest of states will soon follow. The final nail in the coffin for ICE cars, however, will be the further integration of self-driving cars, which are both more efficient and less expensive when run on electric power as opposed to gas power. Given the current rise, and potential legal requirement, of self-driving cars, it seems unlikely that gas cars will remain anything but a relic of the past by the year 2054, so outdated and dangerous to both citizens and the environment that the government will have no choice but to ban them.

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