Bet 895

Duration 178 years (02022-02200)

“Global climate change will cause the mass displacement or death of over 1 billion people by the beginning of year 02200.”

Brice Fernandes


Fernandes's Argument

Even optimistic estimates of the long term effects of climate change lead to stark prediction regarding weather patterns and the long term habitability of coastal regions - almost 500 million people are predicted to live within 5 metres of sea level by 02050. Best case scenarios currently projected only to 2100 already show significant impact on human habitation patterns. The likely extrapolation of even optimistic trends to the year 2200 lead to a grim outlook. With this in mind, I believe it likely that over a billion people will be displaced or killed by causes directly or indirectly linked to climate change by 02200. It is my hope that this prediction will be proved wrong.

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