Bet 894

Duration 18 years (02022-02040)

“Oil will not be the resource war of the middle 21st century. Nor will rare earth elements matter. I predict by the end of the 2020’s and into the 2030’s war will be fought over the rarest and most sacred resource to life: Water.”

Ana S Thompson


Thompson's Argument

Increasing pressure on the global climate system due to the usage of fossilized fuels and our inability to adapt quick enough compiled with increasing population will cause dynamic shifts in already fragile ecosystems. It’s 2022 and you’re about to enter into a prolonged global famine that is only now just beginning to rear its head. This will cause farmers to produce more and tap resources that are already rapidly running out. Many such aquifers are utilized globally. I merely use the United States as a convenience. We are heavily reliant on the West, specifically California for our Produce. Lakebeds are running dry. Riverbeds are running dry. A great drought has taken over a large portion of our farming industry which is going to place more pressure on the reservoir we’ve been tapping for farm use. Temperature increases in the world will cause scarcity of water, a higher preponderance of livestock diseases: As well as pests infesting crops. Desalination is costly, expensive, and often the byproducts pumped back into the ocean in the tune we would need to meet our daily needs globally would collapse our oceanic ecosystems and further fuel global warming. You need high quantities of water to run the plants that build the chips that go inside of all of your favorite tech gear. Part of the chip shortages within TSMC are due to water shortages: It’s something we waste, and it’s something we overlook, in abundance. It will soon become a luxury.

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