Bet 866

Duration 29 years (02021-02050)

“By 2050 we will have made several breakthroughs in biotechnology that will allow us to slow down aging, rejuvenate the body and hence extend healthy human lifespan to at least 120 years. This technology will be affordable enough so that it is available for the general public.”

Max Unfried


Unfried's Argument

In the past decades research on aging biology has shown that it is indeed possible to extend health and lifespan in model organisms such as worms, flies, fish and mice. Various methods have been tested, such as small molecule administration of rapamycin, NAD+, metformin and alphaketoglutarate, blood rejuvenation via heterochronic parabiosis, stem cell therapy for tissue regeneration, removal of senescent cells, DNA modifications, etc. just to name a few. Since the science is already confirmed in the laboratory, clinical trials on humans have already started for some of the above mentioned interventions. In the coming decade more money will flow into the longevity industry, more research will be conducted, which will result in more progress being made in understanding and manipulating the aging process. Hence no later than 2030 the first commercial therapies will be approved by the FDA allowing minor improvements in health and lifespan. At the same time clinical trials for more advanced longevity therapies are going to be started, yielding results by 2040. The following decade the task will be to commercialise these therapies in a scalable manner and optimise the processes that are involved in manufacturing, such that by 2050 the general population is going to have access to affordable rejuvenation therapies that extend health and lifespan to 120 years.

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