Bet 861

Duration 2 years (02021-02023)

“By 1 March 2023, a territorial coup will be attempted by Boko Haram quasi-agents in the South of Nigeria, such that land rights of Southern Nigerians will be overwhelmed and the Fulani people will look to settle in the area.”

Dieter O Scheler


Scheler's Argument

In modern Nigeria, where disparity of opportunity between the Northern and Southern region is rife, separatist sentiments have grown throughout the country, with many Yoruba people (indigenous people of South-West Nigeria) have considering development of their economy away from the rest of Nigeria. As of early 2021, ‘killer herdsmen’ have began infiltrating Southern regions of Nigeria, killing locals and claiming land to rear cattle. The standing President Buhari has not directly spoken out against this danger, and many Northern leaders, including the Governor of the Northern Bauchi State, has endorsed Nigeria as a settlement for Fulani herdsmen. As these Fulani herdsmen are moving South, armed with AK-47s, this suggests that those moving South have institutional support and/or backing as they take lives in the South. Additionally, it has been stated by Nigerian Islamic scholar and peace negotiator Sheikh Gumi that these killer herdsmen may become infiltrated by Boko Haram, the infamous jihadist terrorist group, as they overwhelm Southern Nigerian land rights through violence. Overall, this surge in killer herdsmen cases in Southern Nigerian regions, the corresponding apathy of Nigerian Government, paired with indications of possible terrorist infiltration, suggests that the ´killer herdsmen’ issue in 2021 is part of a coordinated plan by Northern Nigerian covert militias to overwhelm land ownership rights in the South before the end of Buhari’s time in Nigerian office as President.

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