Bet 860

Duration 679 years (02021-02700)

“Quantum computing & quantum networks will allow us to communicate with alternate timelines/dimensions”

Daniel Khodarahmi


Khodarahmi's Argument

Detecting a wave-function of a particle shows it "spike", that is it shows us OUR version of the superposition of that particle, but can be calculated mathematically to show all combinations/outcomes. Developing a system/machine operating on these particles, we could connect to a similar device in a parallel world - opening a bridge of communication. As time goes on, other "timelines" start having the same idea, essentially creating a network of probability-based devices. A lot of these will be so similar that we just get echoes of the same messages back. We combine the similar ones into a single entity, filtering out the similarities. I think we will eventually program a device connected to branching realities, connected via quantum entanglement. All these branches eventually manage to connect to one-another, forming a net of nets, comparing differences and similarities - cultures and scientific advancements. This will only include realities where technology has advanced far enough to connect to this net, a large part of the realities will never connect to it, due to natural catastrophe, civilisation collapse, etc.

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