Bet 77

Duration 48 years (02002-02050)

“By 2050, at least two pan-regional currencies, modeled on the Euro, will be used in the world.”

Christophe Cauvy


Cauvy's Argument

Despite early negative reaction from the financial community, the Euro is not only successful but looks like a sustainable and stabilizing tool. Although the current administration of both the Euro and its central bank can be improved, this success will inspire numerous countries. Both business people and politicians are keen to minimize exposure to fast-moving and sometimes unpredictable currency exchange markets. For citizens, the benefits will be to ease the purchase of goods and services abroad (while travelling or surfing), and to take advantage of the global harmonisation of prices (because competition will be facilitated). The Euro will inspire regions where there is a strong cultural, political, and economic convergence; most likely North America (USA, Canada and Mexico), East Asia (Japan, Korea, China and Taiwan), Central Africa (Ghana, Ivory Coast, Benin, Nigeria, Cameroon), and South America (Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay and Chile).

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