Bet 764

Duration 5 years (02018-02023)

“The Equal Rights Amendment to the U.S. Constitution will be passed by the end of 2023.” Detailed Terms »

Bruce E Watson

Steve M Midgley


will go to Oxfam International if Watson wins,
or Planned Parenthood if Midgley wins.

Watson's Argument

The 1970s backlash that stopped the ERA’s ratification just a few states short is ancient history. A rising wave of female politicians, coupled with a more progressive electorate responding to the current political miasma, will propel the ERA to ratification. 2023 is a key date because it comes shortly after the centennial of women’s suffrage and 100 years after the ERA was first submitted to Congress.

Midgley's Argument

As much as I might like Watson's prediction to come to pass, it seems highly unlikely given the current political dysfunction across the board at the US Federal level. I'm saddened to take the counter argument, but it seems like the likely outcome.

Detailed Terms

If any Constitutional Amendment is passed that is designed to explicitly "guarantee equal legal rights for all American citizens regardless of sex", Bruce would win.