Bet 69

Duration 38 years (02002-02040)

“By the year 2040, AI will appear on computer viruses that will communicate with each other using a universal Internet language and will be programmed to fuse together and mutate into Computer Organs that will later be controlled by powerful search engines (Systems) diffused through out the Internet.”

Diogo O Beltran


Beltran's Argument

The thicker the fire walls of the future become, harder will be the possibility for an invasion. Consequently destructive systems will be broken up into very small inoffensive data, almost undetectable. This data will penetrate fire walls much easier and only then fuse together and start running like a virus. Due to the nature of world wide universal programming, hackers all over the world will program "virus patches" that will be compatible with other virus. The possibility for mutation due to high amount of hackers making data will make viruses into uncontrollable "data gatherers", a small cybernetic AI beast.

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