Bet 628

Duration 5 years (02012-02017)

“I predict that Google will introduce a Google currency that will be an alternative to all currencies and that this will become the leading currency in the world by 2017”

Perry Haydn Taylor


Haydn Taylor's Argument

The global economy relies on an outdated banking and fiscal system that is controlled by a few self-serving, and occasionally corrupt, bankers. The methods, motives and criteria used to control and measure the world economy are inefficient, lack analytical accuracy and serve the minority not the majority. The democratisation that we've seen occur in other areas of trade and commerce as a result of the improved global communication network will eventually reach the banking world and penetrate governments around the globe. Put simply, there will be a radical finacial revolution where ordinary people will reject the current banking and currency systems as soon as they are offered an alternative democratic, efficient, global uni-currency that will be able to bypass the current inefficient taxation and re-distribution of wealth systems and be a truly democratic global virtual bank that has credibility and tenancy in every country in the world.  There's only one company that has that capability and that company is Google. Why? Because they have created the perfect market network that allows businesses to trade via their platform and the world has come to rely on it to such an extent that they now have the power to introduce their own currency and control a vast proportion of the movement of money resulting from consumer and trade transactions.  I believe that this power can be used to good effect and that Google will attempt to create a currency and invite ordinary people to adopt their own Google currency when trading via the Google platform and that they will be able to create a competitive exchange rate across every currency that will eventually result in other currencies becoming redundant.  I believe that this will happen very quickly as we see more and more civil unrest in countries where the economies are too reliant on fat cat self-serving financial and political leaders. In short, there's going to be a big bang revolution that's brought about by the people not the banking industry.  It's the arrival of the anarconomy and Google are going to lead that revolution. 

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