Bet 627

Duration 10 years (02012-02022)

“By 02022, Aether Physics (or its equivalent) will take the place of General Relativity and Quantum Theory.”

Jeff Baugher


Baugher's Argument

Despite the advent of the quantum vacuum (see example NOVA ), most scientifically literate people are still under the mistaken impression that the Michaelson-Morley experiments and relativity falsified aether theory. It is the accelerating expansion, however, discovered in 1998 by the 2011 Nobel winning teams of Perlmutter, Schmidt and Reiss that provides the death knell for our current understanding of relativistic effects. Only a handful of mainstream scientists (example begin to appreciate how severely modern observations contradict our current cosmological and particle physics models. By 2022 these observations, coupled with the inability to add terms to the Einstein field equations (EFE) of General Relativity, will make the situation so untenable that mainstream cosmologists will become desperate enough to reconsider discarded theories, possibly even to the point of subjecting the EFE to the fundamental theorem of calculus via the subtraction of Einstein's tensor from the cosmological constant. Modeling of the perfect fluid stress energy tensor as reductions (vice increases) of density in order to solve the cosmological constant magnitude and dark energy problems will cause a paradigm shift in our understanding of gravity and the true nature of reality. The resulting physical models will remove physics from a blind alley and cause Lorentzian Aether theory (or its equivalent) to take its place as our standard physics model, replacing General Relativity and quantum theory.

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