Bet 623

Duration 10 years (02012-02022)

“In ten years, people will be watching more live video than pre-recorded.”

Steven Levy


Levy's Argument

Real-time streaming video is booming, and will eventually become ubiquitous. Everything from videos capture by phone to surveillance cameras to persistently-on webcams will be available by Internet. YouTube and other services will have thousands of live channels and advanced search engines will find the most interesting or relevant ones for you as they happen. People will leave cameras on all day and enjoy virtual presences of friends, relatives and co-workers. It will be unusual NOT to be on camera. (Livestreaming will come to every kid's soccer game and school play, every big life event, every concert, etc.) Though pre-recorded "premium" video and movies will always be popular, advanced tools will allow pros to create compelling lives videos as well. Here's my essay about it on Wired.

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