Bet 619

Duration 2 years (02011-02013)

“By the end of 2013, the censorship and domestic monitoring system, known as the Great Firewall System, will become ineffective at stopping Chinese Internet users from accessing global information.”

Isaac Mao


Mao's Argument

Technically, the great firewall system developed and maintained by Professor Fang Binxing,also president of Beijing University of Post and Telecommunication,wont' stop working without proactive termination by the ruling party. However, with the uprising of social media and condensed connections, people will share more information in different ways, with speed faster than the censor's paces, around the clock. One meme will go through majority of the whole social network(say over 60% of nodes) to be sensed or re-shared before any of its copies being removed,banned,or un-pluged. However, I dont' want to interpret the political meaning of such assertion,just a technical projection.

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