Bet 618

Duration 2 years (02011-02013)

“By November 30th 02013, Andrea Rossi's E-Cat technology will be widely accepted to produce a COP of 6 or above”

Patrick Ellul


Ellul's Argument

During 2011, Italian engineer inventor Andrea Rossi demonstrated a device that produces heat through a Low Energy Nuclear Reaction (LENR) process, using Hydrogen and Nickel as nuclear fuel. He claims the device produces at least 6 times more energy than it consumes. He calls his device the Energy Catalyser (E-Cat) Rossi is keeping the catalyst that he uses, as well as the proposed theory, secret. Most of the scientific community say it is impossible and goes against the laws of physics. Many call Andrea Rossi a fraud and his invention another cold fusion hoax. The mainstream media have mostly ignored his claims. However, multiple demonstrations, trust from a handful acclaimed academics, and claims of an American government client ordering 13 of Rossi's 1MW heat producing plants have many people hoping for an energy revolution. Having followed this debate and observed Andrea Rossi's behaviour on the internet for most parts of 2011, I predict that by November 30th 2013, Andrea Rossi's E-Cat technology will be widely accepted to produce thermal energy at a Coefficient of Performance(COP) of 6 or above.

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