Bet 577

Duration 40 years (02010-02050)

“By 2050 will surpass and become world's number 1 search engine.” Detailed Terms »

Yan Bashkin


Bashkin's Argument

US is in a deep economical slump, as China's economy improves and grows it will become more reputable as a source of wisdom. With rapid technological advancements and growth of everyday internet use, search engines will be a known phenomena of wisdom. Human population will heavily rely on search engines to provide answers to their every days lives. With capacity for growth and passing of current emperor China will become a world power house, and their technological advances will be submerged first by Europe and then US.

Bashkin was challenged to a bet!

Yan Bashkin is negotiating the terms of a bet about this prediction. It will soon be added to Bets on the Record.

Detailed Terms

Number 1 Search Engine is determined by number of users each engine has, none Revenue related. Baidu will have more users by 2050, or before, at any given moment that Baidu surpasses Google, the bet is over (Baidu will become a winner then).