Bet 409

Duration 8 years (02008-02016)

“By the end of the 2016 Olympic Games, swimmer Michael Phelps will be convicted for doping at the 2008 Olympic Games.”

Florian Kunze


Kunze's Argument

Michael Phelbs is an exceptional athlete and I hold him in high esteem. Nevertheless I am sceptical about his achievements at the 2008 Olympic Games. In seven events, Michael Phelps has set six world records en route to earning seven gold medals. The overall summary of 23 world- and 24 europe-records in swimming leads me to the conviction that there are currently ways and means of doping that are not traceable by now. The International Doping Comitee anounced that all blood samples from 2008 will be frozen and can be used for further tests if new ways for the detection of specific doping substances are developed. Those samples can be used for eight years. Surely, eight years will be enough to develop techniques for dectecting the substances Phelps and probably most of his collegues have used.

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