Bet 310

Duration 18 years (02007-02025)

“By 2025, products of artistic activity will no longer been treated as autonomous, transcendent, intrinsically value-laden objects and artists will recognize themselves as operating within social, political, economic, and cultural frameworks which directly influence the conferred value of their artistic creations.”

Sarah E


E's Argument

The art product is thoroughly entrenched in the culture within which it is produced and is a reflection of the values of the artistic participants as cultural constituents. No longer will art products be seen as autonomous, transcendent, intrinsically value-laden objects detached from the those who created them and the social, political, economic, and cultural frameworks within which they are embedded.

It will be recognized that all things, including art objects, are at first ideologies. Artists will recognize themselves as creating within a frame of reference inextricibly connected with and influenced by the political, social, economic, and cultural conditions within which they live. Artists will recognize that they create objects with assigned value and meaning, and artistic works claiming universal significance will be questioned.

It will be understood that the audience ascribes meaning to art objects though the application of their personal cultural values, whether or not these values coincide with the values of the artist. Value will be seen as created and applied, not intrinsic in all things, including art objects.

Ultimately, aesthetics will be viewed as not preceding or transcending the artist or audience, but resulting from creation and conferring of value by the artist and audience.

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