Bet 296

Duration 13 years (02007-02020)

“Until 2020 first effective and efficient meta entities (services, individuals, inventions) which are able to integrate and balance all main aspects/elements of civilization according to AQAL will be fully functional and consequently start to build functional civilization (absence of war, sustainable energy and information chains)” Detailed Terms »

Lukas Atao


Atao's Argument

Information age means in language of biology: growing neurons, growing the brain, defining the functionality of the brain . Civilization is at the point of wiring all elements together and producing a "body" out of separate "organs".

Atao was challenged to a bet!

Lukas Atao is negotiating the terms of a bet about this prediction. It will soon be added to Bets on the Record.

Detailed Terms

I don't see any terms being offered.

I would greatly prefer terms that allow the bet to be judged, ASAP, e.g. for benchmarks reached by 2015 rather than delaying settlement until 2020.