Bet 295

Duration 13 years (02007-02020)

“By 2020, historians will agree that the the start of the 21st century also marked the beginning of the "Second" or "New Renaissance."”

Zeus Jones


Jones's Argument

Just as Modernism gave way to Post-modernism, Post-modernism is evolving and is (has begun) mutating into something new. The early period of Post-modernism was, obviously, a revolt against Modernism. It's purpose was to break with singular views, dogmas and forms. Post-modernism was therefore always referential to the past and often used irony to make its statement.

However, in the last few years, the Post-modern technique (the combination of disparate and unrelated elements) has been used instead to create brand new forms. These forms don't refer to the past - they point to the future. This is happening across almost every facet of human endeavor, leading to a massive flowering of innovation and creation.

Just as da Vinci, the most famous polymath, has become the symbol of the "First Renaissance." the leading figures of today are those who excel in multiple areas. The rapper cum business mogul Jay Z is a good example of the way that today's celebrities are crafting far more complex public identities in response to public demand for more complex icons.

Today's creation is being fueled by Internet technologies which have opened up information and ability to vast numbers of people. The "First Renaissance" was driven by the invention of the printing press which filled the same function in its day.

While it may be hard to see the progress today given all of the problems of the world, it is also important to remember that the "First Renaissance" was not a golden age either. It was a time of extreme poverty, unrest, warfare and cruelty. However despite, or perhaps because of, that it I predict we will look back on the new renaissance as an awakening or rebirth that makes the previous renaissance look pale in comparison.

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