Bet 27

Duration 18 years (02002-02020)

“By the year 2020, the tickets to space travel - at the least to Moon, will be available over the counter.”

Hemant Sharma


Sharma's Argument

Twinkle twinkle little star. How I wonder what you are! Man has always yearned to know about and reach out to stars. So when Neil Armstrong took those famous steps on moon in the '60s, it was indeed a giant leap for mankind. In the decades since then, technology, particularly the microtechnology, has taken gaint strides itself. The next two decades will see man master the critical nano and biotechnology needed to make space travel possible and affordable for all humans. Extrapolating the progress of the last five decades, I'm positive that the know how will be with us to enable any one willing to travel to the moon with minimum resources. One would be able to go out and buy a ticket on a space cruise the way you buy air tickets to San Francisco today.

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