Bet 243

Duration 95 years (02006-02100)

“An all-new Star Wars film will be released to theatres this century.”

Michael P Strenski


Strenski's Argument

George Lucas is man who frequently makes very definitive statements regarding his Star Wars franchise only to make a completely contrary announcement later on down the line. The most recent of these backtracks has been regarding a non-Special Edition DVD release of the Original Trilogy, which for years Lucas insisted he would not sanction. And now Lucasfilm has announced a deluxe DVD release of these films for a "limited time only", through December 02006.

After completion of Episode III in 02005, Lucas very definitively stated that this was the end of new Star Wars films.

All the Star Wars movies made huge amounts of money for George Lucas. Whether or not he actually directs or writes the picture, we shall see the release of an all-new, official Star Wars film before the end of the century.

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