Bet 205

Duration 4 years (02005-02009)

“Google will face antitrust proceedings from the DOJ or a challenge to a merger or acquisition by the FTC.”

Rudy Rouhana


Rouhana's Argument

Google's ability to effect entry of competitors and new innovation can already be witnessed in private equity. The cliché VC question used to be, "what about Microsoft"? Now, the question being asked of entrepreneurs is "what about Google"? This fact has little, if any ability to contribute to a Section 2 violation of the Sherman Act. However, it is the dying canary that signals Google's market power. They may be everyone's darling now because Google is perceived as the anti-Microsoft, the good guy. However, that market power will eventually tempt Google's management (if it hasn't already) to wield it in monopolistic ways.

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