Bet 173

Duration 21 years (02004-02025)

“The concept of time as a linear dimension will be replaced by one of time as a polarity between content and context.” Detailed Terms »

John B Merryman


Merryman's Argument

The idea that time is a linear dimension is based on the assumption that the three dimensional frame of reference is at rest as the point of reference transcribes a line across it.

The problem is that the point of reference is its own frame of reference and the two frames move relative to one another. To the hands of the clock, everything else moves counterclockwise. What is being measured is content relative to context. The smaller frame of reference is the defined object, while the larger frame is the defining process.

Consider a factory; The product moves from initiation to completion, while the future for the process points in the other direction and the finished product is what is past. Life is the same way. The individual goes from birth to death, while the future for the species is toward the next generation and it sheds the old like dead skin.

Reality is energy recording information. As the amount of energy remains the same, old information is erased as new is recorded. What exists is the energy and the information that is currently recorded. We are not simply at a point on a line because past and future do not exist, except as they pertain to what is present.

As with the clock, what we measure are units of time, but it is against the process of time. The unit goes from beginning to end, while the process goes on to the next unit.

We see past events prior to future ones, but the events are first in the future, then in the past.

From our subjective perspective, we tend to think of these units of time as being sequential, but the broader reality is that they overlap, just as differing perspectives overlap. A day in Baltimore goes from dawn to dusk as the sun goes from east to west, but it is actually the earth rotating west to east and as the sun is draining from Baltimore, it is still pouring into San Francisco. Just as the spirit of life is pouring into younger generations as it is draining from older generations.

When I punch the send button, this email will be in my past, but it will still be in your future. The passage of time is a measure of motion; " For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction." It measures the motion of content against the equilibrium of context.

A corollary to this is that the Big Bang theory will be dropped when it is accepted that just as gravity results in the positive curvature of space, radiation results in the negative curvature of space. Think of it as a cracked whip, in which as amplitude is reduced, frequency expands.

The reason that light is still positively curved in the vicinity of massive bodies is that this effect is far smaller over the distances involved and is overwhelmed.

As space is effectively expanding, but the universe is not, this results in pressure on existing gravitational structures, causing such effects as the additional spin on the extremities of galaxies, currently attributed to dark matter, as well as the Pioneer Effect, observed on our own solar system.

Another anomaly of the current theory is the increasing rate of expansion, attributed to dark energy. According to the model I'm presenting, it is the redshift of more distant sources that is reduced by traveling through the residual gravity fields of intermediate galaxies. This light is compressed/blueshifted and it would have to exceed C in order to reverse this effect.

The reason that the CMBR is so smooth is because it is the phase transition where accumulated radiation in intergalactic space becomes unstable and starts to condense out as basic atomic structure, such as hydrogen.

Rather than infinitely dense objects, or wormholes into other dimensions, the black holes at the core of galaxies are effectively the eye of a giant storm and most of the activity is that leading up to the eyewall/horizon line.

What this amounts to is a convective cycle of expanding radiation and collapsing mass.

The reason this ties into the observation about time is that mass is content and radiation is context. The mass is in a continuous entropic collapse from its most volatile origins to its most condensed end, while the radiation is continuously expanding, passing from one stage and body of matter to the next, first building them up in accumulations of energy and then tearing them apart in intense heat.

Remember that Einstein proposed time as being a line, but he also thought gravity would reduce the universe to a point.

While one of Hawking's directions of time was the expanding universe.

It is all in what's present.

Absolute zero is the absence of motion. No mass, no energy, no past, no future.

Just empty space.

Consider that the three dimensions of space are just an arbitrary coordinate system and as a point of reference, the xyz point is an arbitrary reference. What would zero be in geometry, but empty space? So geometry simply defines space, it doesn't create it. In fact, any number of points can define any number of coordinate systems, so space is actually infinitely dimensional.

Space is the void, The equilibrium of matter and anti-matter, of positive and negative, of past and future, of left and right, up and down, back and forth, man and woman, liberal and conservative. Order and Chaos.

Space is both absolute and infinite.

Time is just a method of measuring motion. Like temperature. One is tensor, the other is scalar. Like charge and mass. Remember it takes positive and negative charge to create mass. Temperature just measures the over all level of activity of all those little particles dancing around in equilibrium. Much like employment statistics are an scalar measure of us running around.

Two more predictions;

When the current vortex of economic activity implodes, we will come to realize that the economy is a convective process as well, in which economic energy rises and material wealth precipitates. When more energy rises than matter falls, large and ominous storm clouds of excess wealth build up in the form of derivatives, inflated asset values and unsustainable debt levels. When it does fall, more is washed away then is watered.

We will come to realize that as a public debt to its holder, money is a form of public commons, just like the highway system. What we have today is just another variation on the tragedy of the commons, as greed rules and everyone rushes to grab all they can, till nothing works.

And last; When its self imposed deadline is up, monotheism will be replaced by an evolving pantheism, as humanity realizes the absolute is basis, not apex, so the spiritual absolute is the essence out of which we rise and to which we fall, not a kingdom on high, from which we fell and seek to return. The essence of consciousness may seek order, but it is not the source of it.

The power really is in the people, not the leaders and it's time we come to understand that.


John Brodix Merryman Jr.
Sparks, Md.

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Detailed Terms

I agree with Jack's point that we will continue to measure time in a linear fashion. I fact my argument is that there are effectively two directions of time, not that there are no directions of time, so yes, we will continue to use clocks, just with the added awareness that the face is not an absolute frame.

He is right that most people think in Newtonian terms, but it was Newton who said that "for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction." This is the basis of my argument! By posing time as an additional dimension of space, rather then a method for measuring motion, it was Einstein who made the mistake. Specific measures of time may have relative direction, but it is not a dimension because this effect exists within a larger equilibrium.

So it is difficult for me to accept this bet, as Jack states it. I will ask him if he wishes to re-frame his challnge.