Bet 165

Duration 36 years (02004-02040)

“By 2040 the existence of Qi will be accepted by the mainstream scientists, and Qi research will revolutionize our mechanical scientific TOE into a true TOE.”

Datong Assoc


Assoc's Argument

Despite of scientific advancement, our current scientific TOE (Theory of Everything) is a dead incomplete theory because it only accounts for dead things, and it totally ignores the role of life and consciousness. In the East, however, the life force i.e. Qi (or prana) has been known for thousands of years. During the past decade, many scientific experiments had been performed in order to validate its existence and determine Qi's effects. The existence of Qi and some of its properties has now been rigorously confirmed by scientists in collaboration with famous Qigong
( ) master Dr. Yan Xin ( in their published Qi research papers (e.g. ). However, their profound Qi research findings are largely ignored by current mainstream scientists, skeptics, and CSICOP (Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal). To formulate a true TOE, the Life Force and Consciousness must be incorporated into any form of future Theory of Everything. Dr. Yan Xin's Qi research experiements have definitely provided us a glimpse of this true live TOE of the future.

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