Bet 164

Duration 16 years (02004-02020)

“That by 2020 it will be possible and desirable for urban houses to have a room in the house designed for, and dedicated to, producing a household's entire water supply. This will be achievable through condensation (a terarium effect) and using solar panel roof tiles to generate the energy to produce, purify and filter the water.”

Michael F Olliffe


Olliffe's Argument

Firstly, because it is such a simple idea. The room would not necessarily have to be large, just big enough to access the facility, to clear and clean it.

In hot regions of the world, it will be highly likely that such an innovation could be produced, manufactured and marketed cheaply and efficiently, especially using solar technology.

Secondly, the idea that a small hot room can become like a self-sustaining indoor waterfall, merely requiring humidity (chanelled from air-conditioning systems?), even lending itself to indoor gardening (bonsai tropical plants?) becomes attractive - a practical constructed organism. The idea of a terarium or green house (indoors or out of doors) is not a completely foreign notion. It's an adaptive idea.

Thirdly, it's evidence of the Long Now from the Distant Past to the Eternal Future. Nature gives us our best ideas. As Brian Eno once said, you interrupt nature not corrupt it.


Michael Olliffe

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