Bet 115

Duration 97 years (02003-02100)

“By 2100 racism will no longer be a significant phenomenon in most countries of the world.”

Bill Moore


Moore's Argument

This prediction simply puts a date to a trend that is well underway.

Racism is a set of learned attitudes and behaviour, and as such it can be eliminated. There has been a great deal of movement toward the elimination of racism in the past century. Racism plays a much less significant role in access to employment, housing, education, in distribution of wealth, etc., than it did 100 years ago. Racist attitudes are no longer acceptable in any mainstream, political, social, religious, corporate, or other public figure.

Some reasons this will happen:

Racism is seen in most parts of the world and at most levels of society as a violation of basic human rights. It offends people?s innate sense of respect and justice. People think racism is wrong.

Racism is widely recognized as a phenomenon that causes great harm to society and creates no benefit.

People of colour, the majority of the world's population know that the elimination of racism is in their interest. Increasing numbers of white people recognize that the elimination of racism is also in their own interest.

Racism flourishes in an environment of separation of the races. There will be increased contact between individuals of various ?races? in the next 97 years.

Racism is inefficient from a macroeconomic point of view. Economies and corporations flourish when they minimize the internal conflict caused by racism and use the full potential of their available human resources.

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