Sandra Ewen (Sandra)

This is the second account for Sandra Ewen, created so that she may bet against herself, thus ensuring the proceeds of her Long Bet will go to the organization of her choice in 500 years. The organization she has chosen is Box 13. Box 13 will be presented with a Future Time Machine Agreement Document on November 21st, 2015 at El Rincon Social (3210 Preston, Houston TX). It is an agreement to spend the donation from Long Bets on a Time Machine that will travel to the Party where the document is being presented.

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No Prediction On the Record.

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Predictions that Ewen has challenged.


During the 500 years between 02015 and 02515, the Farsight Fund will return much less than what it has historically. Past performance would suggest 3-4% real (after inflation) annual return on investment, but it will be 2% or less.

500 years

Sandra j Ewen

Sandra Ewen