Marcus Ray (Recipe4life)

Since I was a kid I have been trying to find my own way. I barely finished graduating high school, from there for 5 years I lived in 6 different states selling door to door. I eventually found a job selling g roofing chasing hail wind storms that guaranteed profits for work. Shortly after roofing and selling and making money I decided to find a bigger opportunity. So I started with life insurance, my studies in the indexed universal life pushed me to stock options. When I perfected the iul and proved a realistic retirement plan that produces a 15avg annual roi income potential and when proved I shoved the math all the billion dollar companies face. What I learned is that everyone on earth learns enough to make the money that makes them feel free. As soon as they reach that success their pure education ends and they only learn from people from then on. Since I got rejected by the billion dollar companies like farmers, global Atlantic, and symmetra by people that didn't take the time to understand the math i proved. I decided I needed to prove myself in the free market so I started roofing company with a $10k credit card in az, and expanded to NV, and Id in 3 years. In those three years I spent massive money to actuaries to further prove my math and made no change. So then I said I will focus on options, and sell my roofing company. Aside from seeing what everyone else is doing , I was also able to define multiple strategies that all prove 10-100% profit weekly and my investments assume I invest every day in my account and close every day, then buy back in at the end of every day for profits into the next day. I know many things and the confidence I have does not come from what I know, but comes from the how little the rich and powerful actually know. They are not hiding the beret information they just never learned it.

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In less than 24 months 1 man will make more cash value net worth, than any other persons individual entire networth combined.

2 years

Marcus Ray

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75% drop in the assets of pure Fundamental Long-Short Equity Hedge Funds by September 2019. These assets will transition to quantimental investing, smart beta products, statistical arbitrage funds, long only concentrated funds, event driven funds, etc

3 years

Anirudh Chowdhry